Going within to allow the inner core to reveal itself !

In orden to experience and expand your understanding of the original teachings of yoga and the various sheaths of existence (body, mind and soul), we designed the Threefold Quest Immersion as an invitation to deepen your practice, explore beyond the material and into the spiritual and connect yourself with the ancient roots of yoga.

This unique Yoga Immersion breaks down into three parts (according to Patanjali each part is focused in one aspect of sadhana), starting from the periphery, the body, progressing to mind and intelligence and ultimately to the center of your being, the soul; provides guidance and solid foundation to dedicated students, aspiring or current teachers as well as those who have not previous experience in the traditional teachings of yoga.

All levels of yogis and yogic styles are welcome to the retreat. Solo retreat available all year, please contact us to book your dates.

yoga inmersion

Part 1 – Intro

Bahiranga Sadhana

This immersion will explore in the external or outward quest and is focused in Tapas or self-discipline.

Tapas is the blazing desire to burn away the impurities of body , senses and mind.

During this immersion you will get a glimpse into:

  • Ancient roots of yoga
  • The pursuit of external purity
  • Yoga Asanas & Pranayama I
  • Yoga Philosophy I
  • First 4 petals of  Ashtanga Yoga
  • The path of action or karma marga


Part 2 - Intermediate

Antaranga Sadhana

This immersion will explore in the inner quest and is focused in Svadhyaya or self-study.

Svadhyaya is the  repetition of sacred mantras and the study of spiritual sacred texts in order to comprehend one´s own self.

During this immersion you will get a glimpse into:

  • The beauty of being 
  • The pursuit of inner purity
  • Yoga Asanas & Pranayama II
  • Yoga Philosophy II
  • The 5th and 6th petals of  Ashtanga Yoga
  • The path of knowledge or jñana marga 


Part 3 - Advanced

Antaratma Sadhana

This immersion will explore in the spiritual or innermost quest and is focused in Ishvara Pranidhana or surrender to the Divine.

Ishvara Pranidhana is surrender of one´s body, mind and soul to God through love for Him.

During this immersion you will get a glimpse into:

  • Waves of love
  • The pursuit of the soul
  • Yoga Asanas & Pranayama III
  • Yoga Philosophy III
  • The 7th and 8th petals of  Ashtanga Yoga
  • The path of love or bhakti marga